iPhone 7 screen replacement and cost

It’s not uncommong to get a broken iPhone 7 screen. Cracked iPhone screens are one of the most common issues we see amongst our customers!

Don’t worry though, our iPhone technician team have years of experience in fixing iPhones. And, we can offer you a full iPhone 7 screen replacement at a competitive cost!

How much does iPhone 7 screen repair cost?

In the UK, Apple charges £152.44 for iPhone 7 screen replacements (without AppleCare+). With AppleCare+, you’ll be charged £25. However, if you choose ImFixed for your iPhone screen repair, then we will save you at least £40. 

My iPhone touchscreen has stopped working, do I need an iPhone 7 screen repair or replacement?

iphone 7 screen replacement costYour iPhone 7 needs a screen repair, if the phone circuit is damaged, or it you may need a full screen replacement. Before we get to that point, though, let’s see if there are other things that you can do to get your phone up and running without having to book a screen repair appointment.

If there’s a software issue, you can get this fixed. However, an Apples store app may be affecting the screen – so first try deleting the app. Top top – try holding down the power and home buttons on your iPhone 7 simultaneously for 30 seconds to hard reset the phone.

If there has been any physical accident with the phone such as a drop. This can cause circuit damage even if the phone looks fine on the exterior. Good news! get in touch and we’lll assess whether your device can be fixed with a screen repair or a replacement.

What to do if your iPhone 7 has water damage?

It happens all the time – we drop our iPhones in the bath or the sink. Then, you will wonder if drying your phone in a bag or rice works – or drying it on the radiator works. This is not the way to fix a water-damaged iPhone! Here’s what to do;

  • 1. If your iPhone 7 is turned on, switch it off
  • 2. If it’s switched off, leave it off
  • 3. Take your iPhone out of it’s case and shake off the excess water

Then, just bring it to us, and we will make sure we do everything possible to fix your water-damahed iPhone 7.

Prices of iPhone 7 Repairs

Screen Repair


Battery Replacement


Charging Port Repair


Liquid Damage Repair


Full Diagnostic Service


Power Button Repair


Replace Rear Housing


Earpiece Repair


Microphone Repair


Loudspeaker Repair


Front Camera Repair


Rear Camera Repair


Software Fix


Vibration Repair