Need quick iPhone repair Manchester? Our experts fix issues such as iPhone screen repair!

Need fast iPhone repair manchester? Then, ImFixed will mend your device with our super-fast service!

If your iPhone is broken – for example, you’ve had a nightmare and broke your iPhone screen – and you need a service such as iPhone 6 screen replacement. Don’t worry, we are here to do the job and our expert iPhone screen replacement specialists are here to help. Remember, only an iPhone specialist can fix your iPhone problem – don’t trust any average repair shop with your phone. Let us take care of your mobile

You can search “fix my iPhone” to find an iPhone specialist. When it comes to finding a company you can rely on – ImFixed tops the list. We have over a decade of experience in Manchester with the electronic gadgets repair industry. You will soon have your iPhone mended by the experts at ImFixed!

Stay connected with us to keep yourself upgraded with the latest gadgets. Be it iPhone screen repairs or iPhone upgrades, we can fix them all in the most efficient way possible. At ImFixed, we offer iPhone repair services for different models of the iPhone.

If your iPhone repair is out of warranty, bring it to us and we will repair it for you.

The iphone repair Manchester shop serviceiPhone Water Damage?

Does your iPhone have water damage? Don’t worry it happens to lots of us! But what’s an iPhone water damage indicator?

This best to check for iPhone damage caused by water is to remove the SIM tray, then look for a red colour inside the SIM card slot.

If it’s red, that means the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) has been activated. This means there is water damage. Here’s the good news, if it appears white or silver, there is no damage.

iphone repair manchester, iphone repair manchester

iPhone 5 Repair

Our expert iPhone 5 repair services include – damaged iPhone screen repair and replacement, water damaged phone
replacement, front panel with LCD screen replacement and the back panel repair and replacement.

iPhone 6 screen repair manchester

The iPhone 6 screen repair and replacement services, we offer, are – screen repair, body frame damage,
battery replacement, home button or other buttons damage and camera damage. We repair and replace
most parts of your iPhone 6 within minutes.

iPhone 7 Repair

Owning a broken iPhone 7 is indeed frustrating. To help you in this, we offer a complete iPhone 7 screen replacement
solution in the most efficient way possible. With our expert iPhone7 repair services, you can be able to get your
device resurrected.

iPhone 8 Repair

Are you worried about your recently broken or water damaged iPhone 8? Don’t worry! Our iPhone repair Manchester shop is here to
help you with the complete iPhone 8 repair solution at the most competitive prices. Be it iPhone
upgrades or repairing the parts of your iPhone, our specialists can help you in the most efficient way

iPhone X Repair

Our iPhone 5 repair services include – damaged screen repair and replacement, water damaged phone
replacement, front panel with LCD screen replacement and the back panel repair and replacement.


Repair my iPhone at home Manchester

We will come to your home in Manchester and fix your iPhone, or provide you with an iPhone screen replacement. This is a perfect service – if you don’t have time to visit our iPhone repair shop in Manchester. All you have to do is tell us the address – and we will come and repair your iPhone at your home in Manchester!

Repair my iPhone at work Manchester

Stuck for time? This is the perfect iPhone repair service – that will save you time!

Like your home repair service – we will repair your iPhone at work in Manchester. Just give us a call or email; then we will come to your workplace to fix your iPhone – while you work.

Broken and Damaged Screen on your Android Phone?
ImFixed is Here!

From cracked screens to broken charging ports and more, we help you to fix everything in minutes. Be it Samsung phone screen repair or Sony phone repair, our experts know how to fix them all! To get the most efficient Android phone repair services, all you need to do is to call us and get your job done.

Our Android Phone Repair Services include

    • Glass and LCD replacement
    • Battery replacement
    • Charging port repair and replacement
    • iPhone camera replacement
    • microphone/speaker replacement
    • Home and volume button replacement

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get your phone back to its previous

Iphone repair Manchester


Prefer to drop off your device at one of our drop off points around the country? Go to the checkout as normal and drop off your device at a drop off point.

manchester Iphone repair


Our iPhone repair Manchester shop allows you to send your iPhone in to be fixed!

Think you can cope without your device for a few days? If so, send it into us! Choose your device and repair in the store and send it in using the instructions!

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