Samsung s7 edge screen repair cost uk!

Do you need a reliable company that offers  Samsung Galaxy s7 edge screen repair? ImFixed are a UK known mobile repair company that offers a quick and reliable service.

We know the Galaxy s7 edge is a fragile screen and it’s very common to get a cracked screen. Don’t worry though, our expert team are trained to repair any screen.

If your Galaxy s7 edge screen repair is damaged, or if either the screen has cracked or your camera shows a blank screen, it can be a nightmare! Which is why the team at ImFixed offer a quick  repair service!

Galaxy s7 edge screen repairStaring at your cracked screen can be upsetting, which is why ImFixed deliver a fast service. And, we also offer a callout service.

We use the highest quality of Samsung parts on all our repairs! Our Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement including both the LCD/digitizer and glass screen in one with a lifetime warranty provided.

We also offer a full diagnosis so if you are experiencing issues such as;

  • Speakers not playing music
  • camera not capturing best quality pictures
  • phone freezing

More About Getting Your Samsung S7 Edge Phone Screen Repaired

Many shops around UK offer repairs for your smashed Samsung screen; however, you want to choose a company you can trust and rely on to do the job properly! Cheap Samsung repairs only eventually lead to broken phones after a while – we offer competitive prices on all repairs – the repairs will last the longevity of your phone’s life! We have the tools, team, and experience to fix any broken Samsung screen or any other issues with a Samsung.

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Can you replace just the glass on s7 edge?

Yes, it is possible to replace the Samsung s7 edge glass screen. However, it’s important it is replaced correctly, and with the correct tools.

At ImFixed, we have years of experience repairing Samsung glass screens. We have the tools and the team to repair or replace your glass screen.

Let us repair the glass on your s7 edge mobile.

How much does it cost to replace an s7 screen?

Galaxy s7 edge screen repair cost ukThe cost of this will depend on the type of repairs service that needs doing on your Galaxy S7. We offer a competitive price on all the work we carry out.

Also, you may take advantage of our call-out service. You can use this service and we will come to your home or place or work to carry out any repairs such as S7 screen repair!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Repair Call Out

Want the repair to come to you? Choose this option if you would like to not move a muscle and want a technician to repair your phone in front of you!



Want the repair to come to you? Choose this option if you would like to not move a muscle and want a technician to repair your phone in front of you!



Prefer to drop off your device at one of our drop off points around the country? Go to the checkout as normal and drop off your device at a drop off point.



Think you can cope without your device for a few days? If so, send it in to us! Choose your device and repair in the store and send it in using the instructions!

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