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You might not be comfortable with the feeling that comes with seeing your Samsung S10 damaged, but when it happens, you need to immediately take the right step to repair or replace it with a new one. 

You are expected to stare at your Samsung S10 screen once or twice, thinking about how much it would cost you to repair or replace the screen. Of course, replacing your Samsung S10 screen can be relatively costly considering that it features the new Infinity-O Display. Besides, the Samsung S10 also boasts an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint reader, which might add to the overall cost of the repairs. 

Meanwhile, the Samsung S10 does not come with curved displays like the other Samsung S series and, to be more precise, an in-display fingerprint sensor. Instead, it features a flat-screen and a fingerprint reader, which sits under the power button. These are a few factors that make up the repair cost. 

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How much does it cost to repair the Samsung S10 screen? 

We cannot provide you with the actual cost to repair your Samsung S10 screen until we have diagnosed the phone to identify the exact screen problem. At IM Fixed, we charge our clients based on the extent of the damage. Sometimes, what you need is to do simple troubleshooting in the settings. In that case, we won’t hesitate to give you the professional guidelines required. 

Our technicians are more concerned about providing solutions to your screen problems than just billing. 

What is the replacement cost for the Samsung S10 screen? 

If your Samsung S10 screen becomes cracked or extremely damaged, the only option you are left with is to opt for a screen replacement service. If you want to get the best screen replacement service, IM Fixed is your best option. 

We offer a very affordable screen replacement service, far less than the competitive price you get in the local repair shops around you. We understand that you won’t have prepared for the replacement cost since it was an accident, so we will ensure that you get an excellent screen replacement service at a lower price than the general price. 

Can I repair my Samsung S10 screen myself? 

While this might be a cost-effective option, no expert will recommend that you attempt to repair your Samsung S10 screen yourself. Why? Since you don’t have the technical know-how to fix a sophisticated screen like that of the Samsung S10, you might end up incurring further damage to the screen and the phone. 

Only a professional repair firm can handle the screen repair job perfectly. At IM Fixed, we will give you some first aid steps you can take if your phone drowns in water or falls on a hard surface. However, smartphone screen repair and replacement needs a professional touch. 

Is the Samsung S10 screen repair worth it? 

You might like it, but you need to know that, in some cases, outright replacement is more cost-effective than repairs. If you carefully consider how much it would cost you to fix a screen problem (especially if the damage is extensive), you will agree that it is better to opt for a screen replacement instead.

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