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How much does it cost to repair the Samsung S9 screen? 

How much your Samsung S9 screen repair will cost you varies depending on the faults or extent of the damage. We will take you through some of the common Samsung Galaxy S9 problems that require screen repair. 

  1. Display issues 
  • The Black Crush Problem 

This happens when the display of your Samsung S9 becomes unable to reveal specific details in darker areas of videos or begins to show blocks of pixelated videos. 

  • Screen brightness automatically adjusts itself and turns dim. 
  • “Yellow tint display” 
  • Dead Zone on the screen 
  1. Keyboard Not Working 
  2. Video Stutters when recording 

Sometimes you can come across some drooped frames or stutter when recording a video that shows up in the video playback. 

  1. The notification LED is not working. 

If the notification LED on your device continues to show the standard colour even after setting up your preferred colours for different apps, it’s part of the screen problem. 

  1. Edge Lighting is not working 

Sometimes you might find that the edge lighting ceases to work immediately after the screen is off, or it might work for the stock SMS app alone. 

  1. Connectivity Issues 
  2. Calla rejects it automatically 

When your Samsung S9 screen becomes faulty, it may start rejecting your calls automatically, leaving a call reject message “Sorry, can’t talk right now. Call Back later ” 

You need to note that the above screen problems (and others not listed) attract different repair costs. At IM Fixed, we make sure that we provide the right solutions to your Samsung S9 screen problems at the most affordable price. 

However, when your Samsung S9 screen develops a fault, it might be best to replace the screen with a brand new one for better functioning. Especially if the phone is already old, it might be more cost-effective to change the screen instead of repairing it. 

How much does it cost to replace the screen? 

As you may be aware, Samsung S9 screen repair is not always inexpensive. Generally, out-of-warranty screen replacement costs range from $250 to $350 for the Samsung S9. But, we assure you of a much lower price with excellent service. 

IM Fixed has only genuine Samsung spare parts in stock and is pretty much affordable. You can get a complete replacement for your phone for almost half the standard price you’d pay to repair your damaged Samsung S9 screen. 

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Can I fix my cracked Samsung S9 myself? 

As you might have heard, repairing your damaged phone screen yourself would be more expensive. Besides, it might even cause further damage, not only to the screen but also to the phone. Though it might seem like a good option to save money, the answer is NO! 

Smartphone repair is best left to experts. At IM Fixed, we have the proper tools and the experience to do your screen repair or replacement jobs perfectly without complications. 

Our technicians are trained to fix any Samsung phone model with speed and accuracy. You can trust us with your Samsung S9 screen solutions.

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