Ever dropped your phone in the bath or down the toilet and your phone won’t turn on or acting in an unusual manner? At Imfixed we are able to fix water damaged phones within 3 days.


We open the phone and leave it so that the moisture on the motherboard evaporates. When liquid isn’t visible we take the motherboard and use a highly concentrated alcoholic liquid to remove the corrosion off of the phone’s vital parts. We then leave the motherboard to one side to leave it to dry. Once dry we will place the motherboard back into the device which will enable it to work again.

Which phone brands we will assess for water damage?

We repair a huge variety of mobile devices, including all Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad, all Samsung Galaxy devices, all HTC phones including the One Series and Desire, plus a selection of Google Nexus, Nokia, LG and Motorola phones. We can fix almost any mobile device related to water damage issue.

Why get your water damaged phone assessed by us?

We are specialists in mobile phone repair, and if your phone’s been damaged by water or liquid, we can tell you whether or not your phone is recoverable and how much will it cost to repair your water damaged phone?

Extra Replacements

In some cases of water damage, electronic parts also need to be replaced such as the LCD, Speaker and Microphone. If any additional parts are required, we will inform you of the parts and cost. From there you can decide if you would like to continue with the repair.

Software Rewriting

When working on your water damaged phone, we may need to rewrite the software.


There is NO WARRANTY on water damage repairs due to the nature of this repair.